BIG LK SYSTEMS Support Services are divided into 2 categories:

Telephone Support
Telephone support is available to all BIG customers.
Customers may contact the support services department from:
Sunday - Thursday between 08:00-17:00
Friday's and holiday eve's between 08:00-12:30

BIG offers full support for all user questions that can be easily and effectively answered and managed over the phone.

Customer Support Site
Customers in possession of a BIG LK SYSTEMS LTD service contract and/or customers, who have purchased a BIG product, will receive a visit to the client's site from a company technician if any problem arises.
As long as any one product is under warranty the client will not be charged for the technician visits, but if the validity of the warranty runs out, the customer will be charged according to an hourly fee.
Clients, who are not customers of BIG, can purchase support services for products and devices that were purchased from alternative sources.

Service Department Contact Details
Phone: +972-3-9416662
Fax: +972-3-9416610
Email: - support@big-lk.co.il

Service request
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