Company Overview
BIG L.K. Systems is a well recognized Thin Client solution provider. Since 1998, BIG has deployed Thin Client solutions in the Finance, Governmental, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare and Call Center environments. BIG is focused on developing affordable, low maintenance and highly reliable solutions. These solutions are ideal for corporations and small to medium size enterprises seeking to increase the value of their technology investments while reducing overall expenses

Today’s PC’s are proving to be an expensive solution due to high ongoing maintenance costs. Thin-Client systems answer this problem by combining centralized computing and management capabilities to replace the individual PC, Server Based Computing (SBC). Thin-Client computing is proving to be the ideal substitute by offering a multi-level problem solving solution that addresses issues relating to staffing shortage, data security and privacy and the reduction of the overall cost of ownership.

Today’s SBC environment demands an Operating System (OS) that supports thin client operations (Windows, Citrix, Unix, VMS or Linux etc.) for greater IT control over network traffic and centralized application and management tools, resulting in minimal down time and reduced energy and costs.

BIG prides itself on the tailored approach of its Thin Client solutions and works with customers to develop the best solution for their organization, increasing the ROI and reducing ongoing operational expenses .
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