BIG LK Systems was established in 1998 as a company that specializes in base terminal solutions developed upon Coax & Twinax infrastructure for the business environment, based on IBM AS400, System 36 and mainframe. In parallel, the company provides computing services for "standard" WinTel based PC and server environments.

During the year 2003 the Thin Client Division and the BIGTerm series of products quickly became the primary activity of the company

Over the years BIG has maintained its core values of excellence, innovation and professionalism. The company will spare no resources to create the best products in the industry and place great importance on product superiority and technical innovation. These values have proven themselves via the company’s success in deploying thousands of costumers to a wide range of satisfied customers from all market sectors including education, industrial, hi-tech, government, local authorities, security, military and more.

Even now, BIG are investing in the development of products for tomorrow’s market, giving customers the most appropriate Thin Client computing solution.

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